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Juventus overtake Spezia by three in the Italian league

Juventus won a precious 3-0 victory over its guest team Spezia in the match that brought the two teams together Tuesday evening at the "Allianz" stadium, in the opening matches of the 25th round of the Italian League for the current season 2020-2021.

A goalless draw settled the first half of the match, and Juventus was the most in control of the course of the game, and a goal scored by Juventus player Chiesa canceled after 9 minutes after the start of the match, due to the presence of offside.

Spezia's left post deprived Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo from scoring a goal in the 42nd minute, after blocking a powerful shot.

In the second half, Spanish striker Alvaro Morata succeeded in opening goals for Juve in the 62nd minute, one minute after entering a substitute, to follow Bernardesky's cross against Spezia, his first goal in Calcio during 2021, and his last goal was against Parma on December 19.

The "Opta" network, which specializes in monitoring statistics, stated that Morata's goal was the fastest for a replacement player for Juventus in the history of the Italian League, 60 seconds after entering the stadium.

Federico Chiesa added the second goal of the old lady in the 71st minute, and Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo concluded the Juventus hat-trick in the 89th minute of the match, with a powerful shot that fell to the left of Spezia's goalkeeper.

Juventus goalkeeper Chesney saved a penalty kick for Spezia in the sixth minute of time, instead of stoppage, which was hit by Andre Galapinov.

The Dutch defender Matthias de Licht, Juventus, was injured during the warm-up operations before the start of the confrontation with his guest team, Spezia, after suffering from a hamstring injury during the warm-up operations, before leaving the pitch, and the young player Gianluca Frappotta will enter his place.

Juventus raised its score to 49 points in third place in the Italian league table, with a postponed match remaining for him with Napoli, 7 points behind Inter Milan, the leader with 56 points, while Spezia's balance stopped at 25 points in the fourteenth place.

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