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Why does your hair stop growing? 5 habits that threaten his health

Hair loss is one of the most famous problems that many people suffer from, but you can only get good hair if you care about your general health, your health determines the texture, growth and health of your hair, and people who suffer from stress always complain about hair loss, because stress has an effect. Directly on your hair If you eat and drink healthy, your hair will remain healthy automatically.

According to a time now news report, we all make mistakes when we do not have complete knowledge of a certain thing to get strong and healthy hair, you must first know what your hair type and how you need to take care of it, you must also recognize the mistakes that may prevent your hair growth, as every individual He has a different hair growth process. And you should not choose industrial means to grow your hair quickly if your hair grows naturally, so to get rid of hair problems, you must know the mistake that you are doing that leads to this situation.

5 mistakes that prevent hair growth:


1. Excessive washing your hair: In order to feel refreshed, many people begin to wash their hair daily and sometimes twice a day, this is a fatal mistake that can damage your hair greatly and lead to its loss, as over-washing your hair removes the natural oils from it and makes it look dull and unhealthy .

2. Using Too Much Heat: People have started to use heating tools on their hair frequently. Using straightening irons, curling irons and hair dryers can damage the texture of your hair, it may also develop into split ends which will stop your hair growth. Make sure to limit the use of heating tools on your hair.

3- Styling wet hair: You should not brush your wet hair Wait for your hair to dry naturally before combing it, wet hair is prone to breakage.

4. Wrong way of using conditioner: Some people do not use conditioner at all, and this is wrong too, conditioning your hair is very important. People apply conditioner all over their hair which is very wrong. The conditioner should only be applied on the ends of your hair and washed thoroughly.

5. Drying your hair with a towel: Trying to dry your hair on purpose with a towel is a very bad practice, you should dry the hair gently with a towel and then leave it to dry naturally, the towel may cause rough friction and lead to hair loss Avoid this mistake if you want healthy hair.

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