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Washington: Biden’s decision to launch the raid on Syria does not violate international law

The Pentagon confirmed that the raids carried out by the United States of America in Syria are the first of their kind for the administration of US President Joe Biden, following up: Two F-15 planes dropped 7 bombs and destroyed 9 facilities completely and damaged two additional facilities, according to media sources.

The US Department of Defense added: We have a perception about casualties in the raid and we are still evaluating the situation, explaining that the aim of the raids is to undermine the ability of the militias to launch new attacks and send a message that we will protect our forces.

And the US Department of Defense continued, that the targets of the raids in Syria were carefully chosen, pointing out that the strikes were defensive and confirm our determination to protect our forces and allies.

The US Department of Defense said that President Joe Biden's decision to launch the raid on Syria was within his constitutional powers and was not contrary to international law, adding: We have initial indications of deaths due to the strikes and we are awaiting the final report.

The US Defense Department stated that the strikes affected those responsible for the attacks on our forces, not only those responsible for the recent attack in Erbil.

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