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The Tunisian Parliament approves a bill to compensate the damages of using the Corona vaccine

Today, Wednesday, the Committee on Health and Social Affairs of the Tunisian Parliament approved a draft law related to liability resulting from the use of vaccines and anti-Coronavirus drugs and compensation for the damages resulting from them, and the draft stipulates that compensation for damages resulting from the use of vaccines and drugs used against Corona shall be charged Obtaining a license to promote on the Tunisian state budget.

The draft law exempts public and private health institutions, professionals and health service providers using vaccines and (Covid-19) drugs, manufacturers, their agents, suppliers and distributors, from civil liability resulting from the use of licensed vaccines, and also exempts them from legal prosecution, and excludes exemption from civil liability, in the event of a death Or serious damage to the recipients of the vaccines if the damages were caused by a deliberate mistake made by persons and institutions.

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