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The President of Zimbabwe confirms that his country is on the path of economic growth despite the repercussions of Corona

Zimbabwean President Emerson Eminangagwa confirmed that his country is on the path of economic growth, despite the repercussions of the outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19 and its devastating effects.

"The state should be inspired by the spirit of its heroic past that led to the exclusion of the apartheid regime," the Zimbabwean president said in a speech on the occasion of the regular session of the ruling party's Political Bureau and broadcast on official television today.

He added: "This spirit should prevail in these unprecedented times in which the Corona epidemic is spreading, and we must stand together in order to combat this epidemic."

"We have a commitment to continue our path towards achieving greater prosperity for Zimbabwe for the sake of present and future generations of citizens," he said.

He said: "Despite the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, I am pleased that our country is prepared to achieve economic growth and increase capabilities in the manufacturing sector."

He added, "We are walking from strength to strength. We are building on what we have achieved, converting our words into action, and we believe that the economy is what helps win the votes of the electorate, not just politics."

The Zimbabwean President indicated that the ruling party proves daily that it is the Future Party and the People's Party and that it is committed to achieving prosperity for citizens through hard work, commitment to transparency, the principle of accountability, and strengthening the role of national institutions.