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Schubert to Ahmed Bilal: "It is not necessary to say, I do not know when I look at Mustafa Muhammad."

The media, Ahmed Schubert, Ahmed Bilal, the former Al-Ahly striker and the Egyptian national team, called for the support and support of Mustafa Mohamed, the striker of Zamalek loaned to Galat Saray al-Turki, and Schubert said in his radio program via On Sport FM: “Mustafa Muhammad, a passenger of Qatar Express and Galatasaray, is the first station, and I hope that he will reach the last station because he He will definitely be in the best club and he deserves it. "

And Schubert adds: "Don't blash, my group, my family's tone and your collegiality with the professionals. Mustafa Mohamed must all support him because he represents Egypt and he will benefit the Egyptian national team. I love Ahmed Bilal very much and he is one of the polite people and he doesn’t prefer to speak about Mustafa Muhammad very much. Oh Bilal must support Mustafa Muhammad and he does not say I don’t have time to watch, so I don’t look at him, Bilal, because when you were a professional in Turkey, we would watch and support you and support you. "

Schubert continued: "Far from Ahmed Bilal, because the words that we are saying do not apply to him, for some people who stayed and gave them Hazar because of the trend, and we must say that they are enough. He remained tired and we laughed at him for a while, but the salvation of the mummies is a bit and I booed and relaxed and her blood remained to say I wish you could turn to the new."

The Egyptian striker Mustafa Mohamed, the player of the Turkish Galata Saray team, was chosen as part of the ideal formation for the twenty-fifth round of the Turkish league, according to the Turkish network "sporx", after the loaned Zamalek player succeeded in scoring the winning goal for Galatasaray in the last minutes in front of Qasim Pasha with a penalty kick, To lead his team to victory over Qasim with two goals to one.

Mustafa Mohamed is the only player from Galatasaray's ranks to be in the perfect formation of the Turkish League, and he is assisted in the attack by former Everton and Besiktas striker Cinc Tossun.

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