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Pentagon: The Biden administration does not intend to send an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf

A US Defense Department official revealed that the US administration is not currently planning to send any aircraft carrier to the Middle East and Gulf regions to replace the USS Nimitz strike group, which left the region.

The official, who asked not to be named, added that there are no Iranian threats that require the "Nimitz" carrier to remain in the region, which has a crew size of about 6 thousand sailors, in addition to its expansion to about 90 fighters and helicopters.

The official emphasized that the United States and its partners in the region have complete readiness to confront any Iranian threat that might arise in the future, describing the move as "a sign of a desire to reduce the level of tension with Tehran."

And Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said earlier that the carrier "Nimitz" remained in the region for a period that lasted for more than 10 months, and it was time for it to return to its base in "Bremerton" in Washington state, located on the Pacific Ocean.

The move to withdraw "Nimitz" from the region, without replacing it with any other marine craft, contradicts the strategy of deterrence followed by the previous Donald Trump administration, which always ruled to keep a carrier and sometimes two carriers in the work area of ​​the US Army Central Command "Centcom" in the waters of the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf.