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"Facebook" confirms that the Myanmar authorities imposed restrictions on some of its services

Facebook announced today, Thursday, that the authorities in Myanmar have imposed restrictions on some of its services in this country, as the army seized power in a coup carried out last Monday.

A Facebook spokesperson said, according to the "France 24" satellite channel, "We realize that access to Facebook is not currently possible for some people." We urge the authorities to restore contact so that people in Myanmar can communicate with their families and friends and have access to important information. The social media platform is widely popular in Myanmar and is the primary means of communication for many, and ministries and government departments frequently use Facebook to publish their data.

According to Netblocks, the non-governmental organization that monitors internet outages around the world, service providers in Myanmar are blocking or restricting access to Facebook and its two affiliates WhatsApp and Instagram. The Internet in Myanmar, where the operators are complying with a clear banning order, “MBT, the state-owned Internet service provider, has imposed the most draconian measures to restrict access to these sites.

The Myanmar army had ordered local telecommunications companies to block the social networking site "Facebook", amid the growing momentum of a civil disobedience campaign since last Monday's coup, and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, according to the "Russia Today" satellite channel, today, Thursday, informed telecommunications companies to block access to the social networking site. Until midnight on the seventh of February, given that "the site contributes to destabilizing the country."

Postings on social media spread quickly on social media calling for civil disobedience since the army arrested senior government officials, the country's president, and the leader of the ruling party in raids last Monday morning, and for its part, the United Nations said it had not yet received any direct update on the status of Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader. The ruling party and the other detainees, and the army's takeover of power was met with international condemnations and demands for the release of detainees.

Aung San Suu Kyi was detained in the capital, Naypyidaw, with ousted President Win Myint and other members of the government. The military justified the seizure of power by alleging widespread fraud in the vote of voters during the general elections held last November.

After taking office, the army declared a state of emergency and handed over control of the country to the commander in chief, Min Aung Hlaing, who announced members of his new government late Monday and promised to hold elections within a year.

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