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Economy news ... The government, the United Nations and Catlist Partners are jointly boosting the investment

Today, Sunday 28-2-2021, the Egyptian economy news witnessed many news, including the participation of the government, the United Nations Development Program and Catlist Partners for Direct Investment in promoting "impact investment" through a new initiative to achieve development goals.

The Minister of Planning issues a decision appointing Heba Shaheen as the executive director of the "Erada" initiative

Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, issued a decision appointing Dr. Heba Farouk Shaheen, Executive Director of the Central Unit to review and simplify procedures for the Business Reform Initiative in Egypt (ERADA).

Dr. Hala Al-Saeed said that the main goal of the “Erada” initiative is to purify laws and legislations to support the business climate and simplify procedures and investment in Egypt, in line with Egypt's Vision 2030 and the priorities of the 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy.

Al-Saeed added that the activation of the "Irada" initiative has a positive role within the framework of the structural reforms program, noting that the initiative is based on a number of axes, on top of which is the contribution to reforming the legislative system governing the business climate, and participation in reforming the procedural system organizing the business climate, as well as Building a legislative impact evaluation system to support the decision-maker in organizing the practice of economic activities, as well as building a mechanism for consultation and community dialogue with the concerned parties outside the decision-making process to take into account the various points of view when developing legislation or regulation.

The government, the United Nations and Catalyst Partners jointly promote 'impact investing'

The Egyptian government, the United Nations Development Program and Catalyst Partners Direct Investment have jointly promoted “impact investment” through a new initiative to achieve sustainable development goals for private sector institutions and private investments and to promote the observance of environmental and social standards and governance. This comes within the framework of the vital role the private sector plays in supporting National Development Agenda in Egypt.

The initiative responds to the growing interest on the part of investors and companies alike, to have a positive impact on society that exceeds the net financial returns. The initiative also links the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) global program on the impact of the SDGs on the private sector.

Globally, it is estimated that an additional US $ 2.4 trillion is needed annually to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals around the world by 2030. A large portion of this will have to come from the private sector, which is increasingly investing in companies that contribute significantly to Positive in the Sustainable Development Goals, which are financially profitable or more profitable compared to mainstream investments.

The Projects Development Authority holds an exhibition of handicrafts March 11, 2021

The MSME Development Authority holds the Bazaar Exhibition for Handicrafts and Home Decorations from March 11 to March 20 at the Permanent Exhibition of the Projects Development Authority at the Fairgrounds in Nasr City, where the exhibition includes thousands of handicrafts specialized in home decorations in addition to clothes, talis, and silver artifacts Copper products, glass products, mother-of-pearl, wicker, Akhmim furnishings, hand-made carpets, ceramics, decoupage, women's accessories, leather products and lighting units, as well as Sinai products, furniture, embroidery on textiles, tents, cosmetics, food products, and a selection of modern and traditional home decorations.

2.5 billion pounds in taxes and customs duties of Suez last January

The government has reviewed the efforts made by customs officers to overcome obstacles and facilitate customs procedures before the business community. In a way that contributes to improving the work performance of customs administrations, and reducing the customs release time, in a way that helps meet the needs of the local market and stabilize prices.

Mr. Kamal Negm, Head of the Customs Authority, presented a report in which he indicated that the Central Administration of Suez Customs, headed by Ahmed Abu Al-Hassan, released the covered 7127 customs certificates during last January, for strategic goods, production requirements, and general goods, including: auto spare parts, oils, Plastics, wheat, petroleum products, and others.

The report added that the taxes and customs fees collected from certificates imported by Suez customs during last January amounted to 732 million and 959 thousand pounds, while value-added taxes amounted to one billion and 642 million and 353 thousand pounds, and other fees collected on these certificates amounted to about 200 million and 61 thousand pounds.

The government: 75% is the implementation rate of 29,496 housing units at the president’s initiative, "housing all Egyptians"

The government confirmed that the implementation rate of 29,496 housing units, 1124 buildings, on the initiative of the president, "housing all Egyptians," the axis of low-income, reached about 75% in the city parks of the capital, pointing out that the state is currently seeking to provide adequate housing with the lowest burdens for those with limited incomes through direct and indirect support to the units Residential, which is implemented for the beneficiaries.

In a related context, Eng.Abd al-Latif Bishara, head of the Capital Gardens City Authority, made a field tour of housing projects and facilities in the city, accompanied by officials of the agency and projects, in the framework of pushing work and speeding up the completion of the work being implemented with the required specifications.

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