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Documents reveal Erdogan's recruitment of diplomats to spy on his opponents in Albania

Turkish court documents revealed that the Ankara Embassy in Albania has engaged in a campaign to collect intelligence information about opponents of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Tirana, in reference to the AKP's work to employ Turkish embassies abroad to carry out intelligence work for Erdogan.

According to the "Turkey Now" website, the judicial documents that were merged in a criminal case indicate that the Turkish embassy in the Albanian capital, Tirana, collected information about people affiliated with the service movement of the fairs, Fethullah Gulen - classified by Turkey as a terrorist organization - and that Turkish teachers, businessmen and journalists who Living in Albania have been classified by Turkish diplomats as terrorists.

The site indicated, that the information sent by the embassy in Albania to the Foreign Ministry in Ankara later, was used in a criminal indictment on terrorism charges by the Turkish public prosecutor, as 61 Turkish people in Albania were included in the list of belonging to a terrorist group.

It is noteworthy that critics of the Erdogan government abroad, especially members of the Gülen movement, have been facing surveillance, harassment, death threats and kidnapping since President Erdogan decided that the Gülen movement was a terrorist movement.

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