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Ahmed Yasser Rayan joins the Zamalek match after fixing a broken hand

Dr. Farid Radwan, head of the medical apparatus of Ceramica Club, confirmed that Ahmed Yasser Rayan, the striker of the club's first football team, underwent surgery today, to fix a fracture in the scaphoid bone of the left hand.


The team doctor indicated that Ahmed Yasser Rayan will undergo a negative rest for a week, after which his hand will be fixed through a protective plaster or brace, and the player will participate in group training normally.


Dr. Farid Radwan stressed that Ahmed Yasser Rayan will be ready to participate in the Zamalek match, which will be held on the eleventh of March, at Cairo Stadium, within the fifteenth round of the Premier League competition.


Ahmed Yasser Rayan grabbed attention after he pulled the rug from under the feet of major attackers in the Egyptian League since his departure from Al-Ahly on January 10, scoring 7 goals with the newly promoted team to the League of Lights and Fame.


Ahmed Yasser Rayan rose to the league’s top scorer with 6 goals, after scoring a brace in his team’s draw against Al-Masry Al-Port Said, which brought them together on Friday evening at the Burj Al Arab Stadium and ended in a 2-2 positive draw.


Ahmed Yasser is one of the talents that a promising future awaits in Egyptian football. Ahmed Rayan was born on the twenty-fourth of January 1998, and he joined the beginners of the Red Castle and belongs to a football family that loves the Red Team. His father is the former star Yasser Rayan, the left back of the retired Al-Ahly club, who learned From him the young striker love the red entity.