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Ahmed Fathy to "Kahraba" after crowning the bronze World Cup Clubs: Al-Ahly players and Lahchouni

Ahmed Fathy, the former star of Al-Ahly and the current Pyramids, expressed his deep longing for the red genie and his players, as a dialogue took place between Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, the star of Al-Ahly and the Joker through Instagram, in which Ahmed Fathi was keen to congratulate the Al-Ahly stars for the crowning of the world bronze of the clubs and the voltage responded, saying: "God bless you, Capitano Wahshni By God, "let the Joker comment:" And you too have electrified you, and you have missed me, and you have consumed me and have missed me.

The Joker Ahmed Fathy left Al-Ahly at the end of last season, after the end of his contract with the Red Castle, to join Pyramids for 3 seasons to come in a deal that shocked all Al-Ahlya because of their strong association with Fathi, and Ahmed Fathy was crowned with Al-Ahly with 19 titles over the course of his long career, they came as follows: 11 league championship titles A year, including the current season championship, which Al-Ahmar won early, the Egyptian Cup, 3 Egyptian Super Cup tournaments and the same in the African Champions League, and two African Super Cup tournaments

 Although Pyramids contracted with Ahmed Fathy, this did not prevent him from exerting effort and sweat until his last moments with the red team and presented a manly performance that everyone witnessed, even in front of his future team in the premier league, to obtain a wonderful final scene with the Red Fort, amid everyone's applause on the night of the championship.

Ahmed Fathi, a former Al-Ahly player who is now the Pyramids team, congratulated his teammates at the Red Castle for winning the bronze medal in the Club World Cup, which the Red Team won after winning a penalty shootout over its rival Palmeiras with a score of 3/2 in the match to determine the third and fourth places in the Cup. The world of clubs established in Doha.

Ahmed Fathy wrote on his Instagram account, "Congratulations, man."

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