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A study reveals the effectiveness of urine samples test in detecting cancerous tumors

A study issued by the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) for biological research in Maryland, USA, revealed that urine analysis is an important step for detecting cancer at an early stage of infection, as the test depends on conducting an analysis of the DNA residues that are present in the urine, according to a published report On the "MedicalXpress" website.

The study said that the DNA remnants that are present in the urine may give an indication of your infection with cancer cells, especially as they decompose randomly, and thus may indicate a difference between healthy individuals and those with cancer.

The study confirmed that the discovery of cancer through urine samples may revolutionize early detection of cancerous tumors, as relying on urine samples for early detection of cancer may contribute to reducing health pressures on cancer patients who resort to continuous blood tests during their battle with malignant disease.

The study also indicated that cancer fighters would be able to conduct urine tests at home instead of going to medical laboratories, which would enable doctors to monitor patients' health conditions faster.

The researchers showed that they succeeded in early detection of cancerous tumors that are present with urine samples for children with different types of cancer, whose malignant tumors often move at an extraordinary speed, and the urine test, which depends on examining the DNA inside the urine sample, succeeded in detecting the incidence of adults with pancreatic cancer .

Ajay Goel, one of the researchers in the study, said that if the technique of effective urine samples succeeds in early detection of cancerous tumors, this may lead to significant progress in the detection of many cancers, especially pancreatic cancer, given that detecting cancer early may lead to a reduction in the mortality rate to Significant limit to what is currently the third leading cause of cancer death in the United States.

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