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US reports: Empty boxes arrive to the White House to collect Trump's belongings.

US media reports revealed that empty boxes were delivered to the White House yesterday, Wednesday, to collect the belongings of outgoing US President Donald Trump, a few days before the inauguration of US President-elect Joe Biden on January 20, when the carton boxes were delivered to the Executive Office building in Eisenhower.

The American NBC News network published pictures of the arrival of a large number of empty boxes to collect Donald Trump's belongings in preparation for the arrival of the new American president, and confirmed that the cost of cleaning and disinfecting the White House is half a million dollars, due to the presence of a number of cases of Coronavirus among White House employees during the era of President Trump, as many reports confirmed that more than 40 people from Trump's circle were infected with the virus.

With the inauguration of the US President-elect, Joe Biden, scheduled for next week, what is certain is that it will not be a traditional inauguration for many reasons, according to what USA Today says. To some changes in the day that is usually historic in the United States, most of the events surrounding Biden's oath will be focussed in virtual reality.

The network "CNN", that Biden will arrive in Washington, DC in the same way that he used for decades during his uncle as a senator, riding an Amtrak train. Biden’s connection with this train is well known due to his daily travel for 36 years between Wilmington, where he resides, and Washington, DC, while he was serving as a senator from Delaware. It is estimated that Biden traveled about 2.1 million miles throughout these years.

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