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Russian Health: The Russian IPVAC vaccine against Corona does not result in serious complications

The Russian health authorities announced that 2099 volunteers in Russia had received the second dose of the Russian IPVAC vaccine, in light of conducting clinical trials that were launched to verify the effectiveness of the vaccine against the Corona virus, according to what was reported by the Russian agency TASS.

The Russian Health Ministry confirmed that all volunteers in the trials of the second Russian vaccine did not experience any side complications due to receiving the second dose, and the official portal to combat the Corona virus in Russia did not record any negative reactions by the vaccine that was developed by the Vector State Research Center.

And the official Russian anti-Corona portal announced that the Russian vaccine has entered the civil circulation stage with a total of 45,130 doses, as the vaccine is injected intramuscularly in two stages with an interval of two to three weeks.

The Russian Health Ministry also stated that a number of volunteers from the elderly over the age of 60 years were used, as part of multi-center experiments after registration with the participation of 3000 volunteers.

This comes after the Vector State Research Center for Virology and Biotechnology of the Federal Service to Monitor the Protection of Consumer Rights and Human Welfare, obtained a permit from the Health Care Department to conduct clinical trials of a vaccine on volunteers, which was completed on September 30.

Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the vaccine developed by the Vector State Research Center received a registration certificate on November 16, after the Ministry of Health Care issued a permit to conduct post-registration trials of the vaccine on 150 volunteers over the age of 60.

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