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Risks of using "ear candles" ... may cause hearing loss

An ear candle is a traditional method for removing excess wax that has accumulated in the ear and may cause blockage. It is a 10-inch hollow candle, and this method is usually done by non-medical professionals because it carries a large number of risks, according to "Insider".

The US Food and Drug Administration advises not to use ear candles in order to dissolve the accumulated wax, as it is an unsafe and ineffective method as well, and a 1996 study evaluated the effectiveness of the candle on eight ears, as the results showed that no ear wax was removed from any one in addition to that. Researchers surveyed 122 otorhinolaryngologists and identified 21 ear injuries caused by cleaning ear candles.

The risks involved in using earwax:

1- Burns

2- Clogging of the ear with wax, which may lead to hearing loss

3- Ear infections

4- A perforation of the eardrum

Many people believe that earwax is harmful, but it protects the ear, so it is good to have some wax in your ears, but if the wax is excessive and leads to clogging of the ear, it is best to remove part of it so that you feel comfortable and your hearing improves better.

You have 3 safe ways to remove earwax:

1- Oil

Put one to three drops of olive or mineral oil in the ear, as it softens the wax and allows it to come out on its own more easily.

2- Try over-the-counter products

Like over-the-counter ear drops that you can use in place of oil, this can loosen the earwax and make it easier to remove.

3- See your doctor for a professional cleaning

The most effective way to remove earwax is to visit an otolaryngologist who can use special tools to safely remove earwax.