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Palestinian demands to impose sanctions on an Israeli official for refusing to provide prisoners with a Corona vaccine

The Palestinian National Council called on the High Contracting Parties to the Third Geneva Convention to take the necessary measures, impose sanctions on the Minister of Occupation Security, prosecute and bring him to trial after his refusal to provide vaccinations against the Coronavirus for prisoners and detainees in the occupation prisons.

In letters sent by its president, Salim al-Zanoun, to the heads of Arab, Islamic, Asian, European, African and Latin parliamentary unions and assemblies, and to the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the council said: The decision of the Occupation Security Minister Amir Ohana two weeks ago not to provide the "Corona" vaccine to prisoners is contrary to Articles 13 and 15 of the Geneva Convention. The third requires that the detaining state provide full medical care to the prisoners, and prohibits it from committing any act or negligence that endangers their lives, as happened with / 226 / Palestinian prisoners who were martyred inside the prisons of the occupation.

He called for activating Articles 129 and 130 of the Third Geneva Convention by calling on the High Contracting Parties to take the necessary measures to impose effective penalties on anyone who commits or orders the commission of any of the violations of this agreement, just as the occupying power "Israel" does against the Palestinian prisoners in its prisons.

In its messages, the Council considered that the Israeli measure against the prisoners - who are protected persons - is a flagrant violation of their rights, and the occupation authorities evade their duties to provide them with the necessary health care, and it includes racial discrimination towards them, as the vaccination will be limited only to the Israeli prison administration.

He pointed to the escalation of the number of prisoners infected with the Coronavirus, which reached 199 to date, and he is likely to increase with the continued low level of protection and prevention measures in general, overcrowding in prisons, and poor medical services provided to those infected with the virus in particular.

The Council appealed to the heads of parliaments and federations to take effective action and immediate intervention, and to pressure the occupying power to provide means of prevention, and to take all measures to protect against the risk of infection with the virus for the prisoners, which is also a legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of all Palestinians under its occupation, including providing them with vaccines without discrimination.

And he demanded ensuring that prisoners and detainees are given the vaccine without conditions or exceptions, and that international monitoring is provided over their examination, and the nature of the vaccinations provided, especially since we have no confidence in the prison administration.

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