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Denmark grants Balkan countries 6 million euros to help them control borders and prevent refugees

Denmark has again allocated millions to help the six countries in the western Balkans better deal with the migrants currently on its territory, as well as to strengthen its border controls in order to prevent further illegal immigration.


The Danish government granted nearly 45 million Danish kroner (more than 6 million euros) in development aid to two regional projects in the Western Balkans, aimed at strengthening border control and repatriating illegal immigrants and rejected asylum seekers.


The government decided to strengthen border controls and repatriate immigrants in the six western Balkan countries, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo, with nearly 45 million Danish kroner, as the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains in a press release.


The same also indicates that from January 2018 to June 2020, about 167,000 migrants arrived in the Western Balkans, 1,600 of them are currently living in buildings and tents destroyed as a result of a fire in the abandoned camp of Lyba in Bosnia.


Denmark considered it necessary to take measures in order to prevent the potential flow of these migrants to European Union countries, such as Denmark.


Commenting on the financial aid earmarked for World Bank countries, Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Integration Matthias Zwai noted that while blankets and warm clothes are donated every winter to migrants stranded in this region, this solution is neither politically nor humanly sustainable.


Last August, the Danish government allocated 15.4 million Danish kroner for a project aimed at repatriating illegal immigrants in the western Balkans.


The initiative has also been supported by the governments of the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the European Union.

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