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College of London ... Treating Corona patients from difficulty breathing with breathing techniques for opera singers

Imperial College London has teamed up with the English National Opera in a program known as "ENO Breathe" to help Corona patients who take a long time to recover in order to overcome the symptoms of shortness of breath and the anxiety it causes, according to the English newspaper "DailyMail".

The project offers virtual workshops to teach patients the breathing techniques used by opera singers, and the participating patients also sing the ventilation during the sessions, which were chosen for their ability to calm down and help them a lot to overcome this crisis.

The English newspaper indicated that participation in this project takes place via the Internet, as Corona virus patients have an initial conversation with a member of the "ENO Breathe" team and then undergo six group work sessions per week via the Internet led by a voice specialist, as the exercises and activities are designed to control breathing And the anxiety caused by self-management tools, and this program has been specially developed for people recovering from Covid-19, especially those who are prolonged of illness and still have difficulty breathing.

The weekly sessions take one hour for each of them via the Internet, and the participating group does warm-up exercises to prepare the body and mind, then use practical tools to control breathing and encourage self-management to control anxiety and shortness of breath, and this program is free for all native English speakers and does not require any previous experience or An interest in singing in order to participate.

The lullabies are performed by opera singers and players, and the lullabies are characterized by being short, unforgettable and available to everyone, as they create a positive emotional attachment that helps Corona patients manage and deal with their symptoms.