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Amr Gamal: I cannot bear myself in a shirt other than Al-Ahly ... and I learned from my mistakes

Amr Gamal, the Talaia Al-Jaish striker on loan from Al-Ahly, confirmed that his first goal is to regain his level and return to Al-Ahly club next season and the national team.

Amr Gamal said in televised remarks: "Praise be to God, I started to reap the fruits of my labor last season and the current season. I feel myself in the stadium and my moves inside the green rectangle, and God willing, I will try to continue and more than this, and the difficult circumstances that I went through caused me a lot and fell short in my right, and I took Many wrong decisions in my life put me off my career. "

Amr Gamal added: "Al-Ahly has a few words, but his actions are great, and it is known that Al-Ahly is following me, and has surrounded his eyes on me, and I am waiting for Amr to return to his form, and I am very tired and tired to return to my level and, God willing, next season will return to my place in Al-Ahly and the Egyptian team."

Al-Ghazal added: It is difficult to leave the army’s vanguards in the current situation, regardless of the offers that I received, and Al-Ahly has the right to strengthen its ranks in a strong way, and my ambition is to return to Al-Ahly because I cannot bear myself with a shirt other than Al-Ahly's shirt.

Amr Gamal explained: "I have many local and Arab performances, but all my focus is currently with the army to be the gateway to return again to my home, and I am confident of my capabilities and able to return, and I wish Captain Abdel Hamid Bassiouni a recovery from the Corona virus, who is very tired with us."

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